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Old Esprit V8

The Story

Back in 1990 I decided that my Maguire Stilletto was not going to get me much further up the grid even if I threw a lot of money at it, whilst I was wondering what to do a Lotus Esprit Silhouette Race car was being sold as a rolling shell, I could just about afford it and decided to buy it.

The car had previously been used in Hillclimbs by Alvin Ravenscroft who had built the car in the workshops at Paul Matty Sports Cars.

I spent the next few years re-building the car, I had looked at 2.4 litre Pinto engines and Warrior Engines as well as Vauxhall twin cam engines but in the end decided to fit a Rover V8.

The only way I could afford a half decent engine was to build it myself so sourced bits from Real steel and Oselli Engineering at built my first 3.5 litre race engine.

To Be Continued