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Esprit V8 Home Page


I have been racing cars since 1985, firstly in Hillman Imp Special Saloons and then from 1994 in the Esprit V8 silhouette special racer. From 1994 until 2007 the Esprit was powered by various Rover V8 based engines, in 2009 a 5.5 litre Chevrolet LS6 V8 from a Daytona Sports prototype was fitted, this high spec engine produces 580 bhp and transformed the car completely.

2013 was an amazing season when everything came together, from 17 races I got 10 wins and 5 second places and was crowned NW Sports Saloon Car Champion at a dramatic season finale.

Sadly on inspecting the car in preparation for the 2014 season I discovered severe fatigue cracks in the spaceframe and had to scrap the car.
I then decided it was time to build the car I had been designing in my head for the last 20 years, the new car was completed and back out racing in 2021 so the story continues !

This site is full of information, photos and race movies of me in the Esprit (and some in my Imps), there are sections on my new car build, Chevy LS6 engine and the previous Wildcat V8 engines.

I hope you enjoy my site …… Simon