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New Esprit V8 build

Whilst racing the ‘Old Esprit’ I was always thinking of how it could be improved and that if I was to build a new car this is how I would design it.

When I had to scrap the ‘Old Esprit’ car I was left with a descision, was I going to build the ‘New Esprit’ or race something else !

It didn’t take too long to decide I wanted to build a new Esprit and build the car that was in my head, couldn’t be that hard could it ?

8 years later I finally completed the ‘New Esprit’, the story of the journey of getting the car from out of my head and on the track is written below.


So what was wrong with the ‘Old Esprit’ ? it was doing a lot of winning !

The seating position was at an angle, Special saloon regulations state you must sit completely to one side of the car centreline, in this the footwell didn’t allow me to sit with my legs straight, this angle position meant my driving position was compromised.

The height inside the car was very low meaning my head was virtually touching the roof, which would,’t be ideal in an accident.

The front suspension geometry had a very low roll centre which meant I had to run a very stiff front anti-roll bar.

The front uprights were modified Westfield Seight items and flexed a lot under the loads generated on this car, more suitable uprights were required.

I always wanted to improve the downforce on the car and had some Aero ideas I wanted to get on the car.

Chassis Design