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During 2019 I hope to race in both the CNC Heads Sports Saloon Car Championship and the Classic Sports Car Club Special Saloon Series.
The races I get to compete in depend on when the car is finished, the details of both are below .......
Link to BARC NW Centre Website
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The CNC Heads Sports Saloon Car Championship Is organised by the BARC NW Centre and caters for an exciting mix of modified and special cars.
2019 Race Dates

Round 1 23rd March Oulton Park
Round 2 21st April Cadwell Park
Round 3 21st April Cadwell Park
Round 4 25th May Anglesey
Round 5 26th May Anglesey
Round 6 26th May Anglesey
Round 7 22nd June Oulton Park
Round 8 10th August Donington Park
Round 9 11th August Donington Park
Round 10 21st September Anglesey
Round 11 22nd September Anglesey
Round 12 22nd September Anglesey
Round 13 26th October Oulton Park
The CSCC Special Saloon Series caters for Specials Modsports and Thundersaloons making for a wonderful collection of real racecars.
2019 Race Dates

Race 1 25th May Oulton Park
Race 2 13th July Mondello Park
Race 3 14th July Mondello Park
Race 4 25th August Brands Hatch
Race 5 26th August Brands Hatch
Race 6 21st September Thruxton
Link to CSCC Website