Wildcat 6.0 litre V8 details
6.0 Litre Wildcat engine details
This engine is a 6.0 Litre Wildcat Engineering race engine, the blocks were cast as specials at Range Rover with sufficient material to allow liners with a 4.0" bore.
The engine was fitted with a pair of Wildcat Engineering Stage 2 Cylinder heads and was fuel injected using a pair of Wildcat minlet manifolds.
A technical summary of the engine is given below:
Block  Specially cast 4.0" bore block, cast by as specials by Range Rover. 
 Capacity     6032cc (368.1 cu")
 Bore   101.6 mm (4.0")
 Stroke   92 mm  (3.622")
 Comp Ratio   12:1
 Pistons  Ross forged pistons with machined valve pockets
 Conrods    Wildcat engineering Corrillo style EN24 H beam
 Crankshaft     Wildcat forged steel, Nitrided, polished and balanced
 Heads                Wildcat Engineering Stage 2
 Valves    Inlet              51.31 mm      (2.02")     Stainless Steel
 Exhaust      40.64 mm      (1.6")        Stainless Steel
 Camshaft   Piper 701/104 special, 57/85/85/57 openings..0.587 inlet...0.585 exhaust
 Pushrods  Wildcat pushrods
 Rockers  T&D Roller Rockers
 Oil System  Pace BG 3 Stage Pump
 Fueling   Wildcat injection manifolds, with 55mm throttles
 ECU          DTA P8Pro engine management
 Max Power  434 BHP at 6500 RPM
 Max Torque  394 Lbf/Ft at 5500  RPM  
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Alan and Roger at Aldon's did a professional job (as ever) in setting up the DTA system on their dyno.
It is also worth mentioning that the DTA software allowed the setting up to be performed fairly easily.
The power figures shown below were a bit dissapointing as they were less than we hoped for, however, when compared with the 5.0 litre engine the increase in power and torque above 4500 rpm becomes clear when looking at the curves shown below.
finish_flag_2.gif finish_flag_2.gif finish_flag_2.gif