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Maguire Stllletto at Mallory Park 1989
Having watched Donington GT and Wendy Wools Special Saloon races in 1983 and 1984 I was hooked ... I bought my first Imp Special Saloon in mid 1985 before I had anywhere to keep it ! ...I hadn't thought that far ahead, all I knew was I wanted to go racing in Special Saloons.
Fortunately one of my mates Alan Davies asked his mum if I could keep my car at her house .... 'Mrs D' said I could for a couple of weeks ... it was over 2 years before I left .... Fun Times.
Thanks Alan, Mrs D and Carol !
My first race meeting was at Cadwell Park in 1985, this was a time before ARDS courses !
I just turned up and gave it everything ... however that resulted in blinding into the Gooseneck way too fast in Qualifying !
So it was my first race meeting but not my first race !
That had to wait till Castle Combe on 12th October 1985 ... whilst not fast I finished 2nd in class and won my first trophy !
I then decided to concentrate on racing in the Wendy Wools Special Saloon Championship. In my book this was the best Championship of the day with some real heroes racing in it ..... I still hadn't learn't the art of coming off the throttle and spins and crashes were a plenty !
Being only 22 years old my pay was not that great so the preparation of my trusty Imp had to be done by myself, this was great experience which has stayed with me ever since.
I did a few races at Thruxton ... where it always seemed to rain.... one meeting we stayed for an extra night after the race, but nobody passed on the hurricane warning ! at about 2 in the morning the tent blew away leaving me in the middle of the field in a hurricane frantically searching for my pants !
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