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Daytona Prototype Chevy LS6 engine
The engine is a Chevrolet LS6 race engine from a Daytona Sports Prototype.
In the Grand Am championship these engines are badged as Pontiac engines and 2005 the capacity allowed for this engine was 5.5 litres, after this a 5.0 litre limit was imposed.

This 5.5 litre engine produces 575 bhp and 513 lbf.ft of torque !!

The spec of this engine is amazing ....see below.

The engine is lighter, more powerful and of much more modern design than the Rover V8 engine and the old Chevy small block.
Some photos of the engine + details are on this page.

Engine Block: Fully Blueprinted LS6 block. 3.910" bore. Wheel 2 Wheel Powertrain.
Crank : Callies Forged crank 3.500" stroke, Std Main dia, Honda dia big ends
Con Rods: Oliver Billet Rods 6.300" length
Pistons : Mahle
Camshaft : Comp Cams Roller cam, special grind 0.590" lift, 283/287 duration 106LCA
Lifters: Crane solid rollers
Timing Gear: Jesel Belt drive
Crank Damper: ATI 6.25" aluminium on aluminium hub.
Cylinder Heads: Rebuilt CRD Daytona Prototype Heads. LS6 CNC machined.
Inlet Valves: 2.000" dia Xyledyne titanium valves
Exhaust Valves: 1.55" dia Xyledyne titanium valves.
Valve Springs: 3 spring set up...Ti retainers + collets
Valve guides: Phospher Bronze
Valve Seats: Copper Berylium.
Valve Gear: Crane 1.7" sportsman rockers on special shaft mounting.
Rocker covers: Billet aluminium with spring oil cooling.
Dry Sump: Dailey engineering billet dry sump.
Meziere water pump.
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